Founded in 1.992 by the Technical Architect builder Pedro JosÚ Madrid Trujillo, after several years of working in Construction and Real States Companies in the region, today it is a modern studio equipped with the most advanced techniques to offer the highest versatility in the field of construction and interiors reforms and design.

Its human resources has available a highly qualified personnel to carry on the different projects either a new building project or an interior reform to satisfy all yours needs.

The team is composed of a builder, techinal architect assistant, industrial enginner and draughtsmen; it also counts with the assistant and counseling from an architect, industrial engineer and lawyers who make possible the whole building project a reality in any of its different stages.

Among our fine customers, we can name companies, as pretigious as, El Corte InglÚs (housing, decoration and designing department), Santander Central Hispano Bank.